Our Spring Fundraiser!
Spend the day with friends and fellow Rotarians!
Amazing prizes, silent auction and dinner
This year promises to be better than ever with the sponsorship goal met and some great prizes
Silent Auction items will be promoted when we get a little closer to the date - stay posted!
Sunday May 24th
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President Russ opened the meeting with "Oh, Canada" and a minute of silence for those effected by recent events in New Zealand. 
Marissa welcomed back Taylor Wilson and Cheyene Tosczak who are soon-to-be-inducted as members of our club. Fieny introduced  
guest speaker Brian Martin from Dolly Parton's "Imagination Library". "Cycling Without Age" was represented by Matthew and Sally.  Rotarian Stewart Mclean visited us from the Chilliwack Rotary Club.
 "Cycling Without Age" started in Copenhagen in 2012 and has grown quickly to include 42 other countries.  The Chilliwack chapter (based in Yarrow) is one of 24 now in Canada. This glorified "rickshaw" allows a bike "pilot" to take two seniors on an outdoor ride in comfort and safety.  The Rotary Trail and many dykes in our area lend themselves to this activity. Matthew stressed that slowness, friendly conversation and visiting familiar sites were part of this experience.  Club members had the opportunity to experience these state-of-the-art, power-assisted bikes. Cycling without Age is looking for new pilots and financial assistance to acquire new bikes. 
Matthew was thanked by Marissa. He may be reached
                                                             Pres Russ and Carol try out the state of the art seniors' bike                                                                 
We were updated on the Dolly Parton Imagination Library that we have supported with $1666 in the past. Currently, 127 local children are receiving one book per month until the age of five.  Studies show that children who are read to in their first five years score in the top 25% of their classes academically. Individuals may sponsor a local child for $215 (for a newborn, who will receive 60 books) or an older child. There are currently 160 local children on a waitlist.  A fundraiser will be help at Brown's Social House 6-9 pm on April 10.
Good news! Chilliwack-Fraser's hard-working Rotaract Club  has now sold all 600
of their herb packages! Rotarians from several local clubs bought all of their wares
before they offered them to the public.  Well done, Rotaractors!
Sgt-At-Arms Bruce Hanks collected happy bucks and fines from the following;
Pres Russ for getting his MGB out of storage and on the road
Fieny; was happy and sad
David is celebrating a new grandchild on the way
Mike who thanked Neil Simpson for great service at his shop
John was happy for grass but not moss
Doug  was happy for the first day of spring and because his submission
was in to R.I. to expand the Mozambique project to involve 1000 more students                                                                                Our Rotaractors with their herb fund-raiser
Visiting Rotarian Steward Mclean was happy to spending his birthday with us, and
for feeling better after his fall
Marissa and Ron were fined for being late and their entire table for being ROWDY, with suggestion that Ron was the ringleader
Rob paid for his misplaced credit card and was heard mumbling something about extortion
Membership Moment
Stephanie's secret to success in attracting new members is simple; ask a colleague or friend if you can take them to lunch...
at Rotary! Who could resist?
Weekly Smile
Pres Russ'  joke from last week has to be shared. In a rare exchange between God and Satan, the following was heard;
God: So how are things with you?
Satan: Never better! We have an engineer down here who is making so many improvements. We now have roads,
bridges and even air-conditioning!  
God: there must be some mistake; engineers help people. They should all be up here with me. How did you acquire one?
Satan;  I don't know, but we're not parting with this one.
God: Hand him over, or I'll sue you!
Satan: Sure...and where are YOU going to find a lawyer?
Chilliwack-Fraser Rotarians Marissa, John, Mike and Lynne at Saturday's D-5050 Learning Assembly
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Posted by Desmond Devnich on Dec 08, 2016
After spending countless hours volunteering to co-host the annual Rotary Christmas Parade the previous weekend, one might think the members of the Rotary Club of Chilliwack Fraser would take a well-deserved break. Not so!
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Posted by Desmond Devnich on Feb 23, 2016
With all the glitz of a show from the Vegas strip, including a showgirl, an Elvis impersonator, and blackjack tables, the Rotary Club of Chilliwack Fraser hosted its annual Swing Into Spring fundraiser, Saturday February 20, and like the event poster alluded, “It’s Vegas, Baby!”
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