President`s Message
Life seems to speed up every year, and the faster it gets, the more quick-fixes it offers.

There is still something to be said for setting personal, professional and club goals, and having the sticl-with-it-ness to reach those goals.
If something is hard, most folks won’t even try
That is why I said YES this year to becoming the Chilliwack Fraser Rotary Club President.
As we begin the new Rotary year, our thoughts turn to ensuring a strong year.
My goal for the club this year is to increase both membership and fellowship. Clubs depend on each member doing his or her part. In order that the club does not merely survive, but thrives. In a thriving club, each member contributes to the success of the club every day of the year. Their daily actions and decisions are filtered through the lens of “Service Above Self”.
To increase membership, it is important that we identify potential new members and sponsor those people We must reach out to former members and invite them back.
Above all, whether a member be new, returning or long-standing we must engage all members to make them strong contributors to our club and thus to our community. We must roll up our sleeves, work on club projects, district projects and global projects because nothing creates fellowship more than working towards a common goal with other members of your club.
We need to grow the serving power of Rotary.
We need more hands doing service, more brains coming up with ideas. We need more partnerships and more connections.
Let us always remember that Rotary Connects the World.
Mike McLatchy
President 2019-2020